Must-visit places in Amsterdam in Summer

You might have noticed already, but the Dutch are obsessed with the weather. With temperatures hitting 37 degrees this week, we will give you a couple of recommendations of places in Amsterdam where you can enjoy the summer.

A day to visit the park

It can be the Vondelpark, Westerpark, Sarphatipark or any other. Everyone is out having a picnic and soaking in every ray of sunlight. Some parks allow barbeques, others do not. This is a great and relaxing day for the whole family or just you alone with a book.

The ‘terras’ (aka a beach/cocktail bar)

If you are lucky enough to find a spot to sit, definitely check these places out:

  • Sky Lounge is a bar on the top of the Double Tree hotel. Great for a cocktail and a beautiful view over the city.
  • De Waterkant in the city’s west, you can have a couple of drinks and some food along the water (like the name kind of says..).
  • Roest – If you don’t mind getting your own drinks from the bar, you can spend the whole day relaxing at here on the east side of the city.
Take to the water

Is there anything better than spending some hours on a boat, slowly passing all the beautiful canals while enjoying a beer/rose? We certainly can’t think of anything. If you aren’t lucky enough to have (friends with) a boat, there are plenty of rental options. Schippers included.

It’s time for the beach!

Ok, fair enough, it’s not Amsterdam, and we don’t have turquoise waters, no white sand, no palm trees….BUT there are many great beach bars to enjoy food and drinks. If you get too hot, you can have a dive in the North Sea, which is clean and has no white sharks (awesome). Take the train from Amsterdam central station to Zandvoort. Or relax in Bloemendaal aan Zee for the most popular places.

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