Must-visit places in Amsterdam in Summer

You might have noticed already, but the Dutch are obsessed with the weather. With temperatures hitting 37 degrees this week, we will give you a couple of recommendations of places in Amsterdam where you can enjoy the summer.

A day to visit the park

It can be the Vondelpark, Westerpark, Sarphatipark or any other. Everyone is out having a picnic and soaking in every ray of sunlight. Some parks allow barbeques, others do not. This is a great and relaxing day for the whole family or just you alone with a book.

The ‘terras’ (aka a beach/cocktail bar)

If you are lucky enough to find a spot to sit, definitely check these places out:

  • Sky Lounge is a bar on the top of the Double Tree hotel. Great for a cocktail and a beautiful view over the city.
  • De Waterkant in the city’s west, you can have a couple of drinks and some food along the water (like the name kind of says..).
  • Roest – If you don’t mind getting your own drinks from the bar, you can spend the whole day relaxing at here on the east side of the city.
Take to the water

Is there anything better than spending some hours on a boat, slowly passing all the beautiful canals while enjoying a beer/rose? We certainly can’t think of anything. If you aren’t lucky enough to have (friends with) a boat, there are plenty of rental options. Schippers included.

It’s time for the beach!

Ok, fair enough, it’s not Amsterdam, and we don’t have turquoise waters, no white sand, no palm trees….BUT there are many great beach bars to enjoy food and drinks. If you get too hot, you can have a dive in the North Sea, which is clean and has no white sharks (awesome). Take the train from Amsterdam central station to Zandvoort. Or relax in Bloemendaal aan Zee for the most popular places.

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How to make the most of a small apartment

make the most of a small apartment 2

When you’re moving to the city, a lot of times it makes sense to downsize. In Amsterdam, most people live on nothing more than 49m2. Although the city has enough to offer for you to never be at home, here are some tips on how you can make the most of a small apartment.

  1. Use lighter colours

    Before you move in all your belongings, make sure you paint the walls nice and light. Preferably white. This will allow the light to reflect off of the walls, making space appear bigger.

  2. The only way is up

    If you don’t have much closet space, look around and find good spots to hang some shelves. As high as possible, this will give the illusion of a tall ceiling.

  3.  Multi-tasking

    Try to buy furniture that serves multiple purposes. There are lots of couches or beds available that have storage space inside.

  4.  Declutter

    Always a good idea, but a must in a small apartment. The more things you have lying around, the more claustrophobic it can make you feel.

  5.  Accessorize like royalty

    When it comes to paintings, rugs or plants you can go big and stay home. This will give your apartment more of a luxury feel. Choose wisely and go for a few bigger pieces rather than lots of small ones. This can make the apartment feel cluttered.

  6.  Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can really make a big difference. Not only do mirrors reflect light, they can also add an extra dimension to the room and make it feel a lot bigger.


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make the most of a small apartment

Buying property as an expat.

Expat Property Brokers are inviting you to join us for an information evening on buying property within the Netherlands.
All too often expats have questions on how, what, where and when to buy homes. Finding an experienced person to bounce these questions off without being billed first is not easy, so join us for a no obligation information and Q&A session to discuss your concerns.

Topics that will be discussed:
o Selling agents and how they work
o The sales process
o Financing
o Costs related to buying and selling

Let us know if you would like to come. Send an email to, RSVP here or call us at 0615290199. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Why to invest in the Dutch property market.

The rental market is extremely competitive and renting can be quite expensive. With buying property you will not only find that your monthly expenses will be lower, you will also benefit from tax breaks.

In the cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, the square meter price is growing rapidly. Get in the market while you can, before you get left you behind. So even if you are just staying for a couple of years, you can expect a good return on investment!

As a foreigner, you are free to buy property in the Netherlands after you have lived in the country for six months (if finance is required. If not you can buy immediately). Whether your need is to build an investment portfolio or for your main residence. While being able to bring cash from overseas will help in the negotiation process, you can apply for a mortgage after just 6 months of working in the Netherlands. In 2018 you will still be able to get a mortgage for 100% of the property, but every year they will bring it down by 1%.

Expat Property Brokers is experienced in the working with local buyers and expats with purchasing their new home. Our aankoop services are structured to ensure the very best outcome for you and your family. We help you with the whole process, clearly communicating and understanding your needs and ensuring your requirements are kept at the forefront at all times. If a property investment is of interest to you or if you just want to understand what your options are, let’s chat over a cup of coffee.

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A final note for 2017

Now that we’re almost at the end of 2017, we would like to express some gratitude.
Expat Property Brokers started out of a need for better service in real estate and every day we are working hard to get the very best for our clients. We have had the privilege to work with amazing people and we are very proud to call them our clients. We would like to thank everyone for your trust in us and your support. Expat Property Brokers will continue to grow and we will change the market!

We wish you all a very successful, happy and healthy 2018



Selling your home during the holidays.

The sale of your home during the holidays.

At this time of the year, we are all very busy. Perhaps not the most ideal time to sell, but certainly not impossible. With these tips, you make things easier.


In the dark days, many households ensure that their home looks cozy. Potential buyers also love the warm atmosphere. So put down Christmas decoration, but keep it subtle. A Christmas tree takes up a lot of space. Perhaps consider a small version.

Give A Party Once

Maybe you already planned it, but now it’s a good idea to give a New Year’s drink. Let everyone know that you want to sell your home. Who knows, there might just be someone you know who is interested or knows someone who might just be interested.

Bake Christmas cookies

It is a familiar tip. Bake before your viewings to fill your home with the dishes smell of cake or cookies. Nothing gives people a more homely feeling than the smell of freshly baked candy.

Play On The Weather

Dark, gray, cold and rain? Make sure that it is nice and warm inside, that there is something to drink for the viewers and that some candles are burning. That way it will be a welcoming visit (remember to put something down to ensure their feet can be dry before walking through your home) welcoming.

Expat Property Brokers

If you are considering selling your property, call us for a free valuation. Of course, we have many more tips and tricks that we would like to share with you our valued customers.

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Maintaining your home

Who are your buyers?

Often you can tell a lot about who someone is by looking at his home. Because what makes people buy just that one house? Some facts are logical. Parents find it more than 33% more important to live close to a school than non-parents. But did you know for example that Taylor Swift fans consider an extra bedroom to be 9.8% more important than Kanye West fans?

In general, women care more about a garden or balcony and find it more important that it is a safe neighborhood. Men generally prefer to live more central and closer to work. Men often see a bit more of a challenge and find it less of a problem to buy a home that requires something else to happen. Women often prefer a ready-to-move-in.
Parents think it is important that a garden has been completed. Non-parents are often hard negotiators. People with an iPhone would like to have a complete kitchen. Android users often live a bit more on the outskirts of the city.

Families with children are more likely to have a dog and would like to live in larger properties than people with a cat. A dog’s owner often gives a bit of consideration to the view of the house.
Night people prefer to live more centrally and care less about a garden or balcony than early birds.

These are of course a few fun facts, but it can certainly be useful to know where you are going to find your buyer. Expat Property Brokers is constantly aware of trends of starters, families, single people and the elderly. That’s how we find the best match!

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