Making your home more sustainable

Now that even very sustainable neighbourhoods are being built in the Netherlands, it does not hurt to take a critical eye on your current home. Making the home more sustainable is not only good for the environment, it also saves you money and adds to the value of the home. Expat Property Brokers gives you a few tips:

Cavity wall insulation

An easy way to reduce your energy consumption. With good insulation, your energy consumption will drop by up to 20%!

Solar panels

You see them more and more, shining on roofs. If you know how much energy you use, you also know how many solar panels you will need. Check first if your house and location are suitable.
Choose a green energy supplier.

Fortunately, most suppliers realize that it is important to supply green electricity, sometimes even generated in the Netherlands. Compare the suppliers before you switch. Often it is not even more expensive than grey electricity.

Hybrid heat pump

This pump works together with your C.V. boiler. The pump delivers heat all year round and the boiler only needs you for really cold days and hot tap water. With a hybrid heat pump, you save a lot of energy quickly.

HR ++ Glass

It is obvious, but we still see many homes with single glass. Sin, because a lot of heat is lost. Therefore invest quickly in double glazing. In cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, there are different ways for old glass and window frames in the old buildings.

Are you looking for a sustainable home? Or do you want to sell them? Call Expat Property Brokers for more information or an appointment for a free valuation!

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