How interior design has changed over the years.


Although a real estate agent usually focuses on the house itself, the way you decorate it is what makes it a home. Let’s have a look at how interior design has changed over the last few decades.


The 60’s

The start of the hippy movement had a huge impact on how people decorated their homes in the 1960’s. Lots of custom built furniture found its way into living rooms, floral prints were everywhere, kitchens featured a lot of wood and organic materials ruled the world.


The 70’s

If you ever watched a tv-show like The Americans or That 70’s show, you will have a good idea of what homes looked like during that decade. Geometrical shapes were key and carpets will never be as fluffy again. To compensate for the busy wallpaper, people used earthy colours.


The 80’s

Most of us will probably remember something green out of this era. Frosted glass became a thing and everyone got rid of their carpets. Laminate floors became very popular and could be found everywhere in the house.


The 90’s

Thanks to the booming economy in most of the decade, the size of homes increased. Yet minimalism was the trend. People traded in their laminate for wooden flooring and technology became more important. To stall all the tech-stuff, there were more shelves, closets and stands.


The 00’s

Minimalism was obviously here to stay. But people started to combine it with a more uniform look. Stainless steel, thinner televisions and computers made people get rid of their home entertainment systems.


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