How to make the most of a small apartment

make the most of a small apartment 2

When you’re moving to the city, a lot of times it makes sense to downsize. In Amsterdam, most people live on nothing more than 49m2. Although the city has enough to offer for you to never be at home, here are some tips on how you can make the most of a small apartment.

  1. Use lighter colours

    Before you move in all your belongings, make sure you paint the walls nice and light. Preferably white. This will allow the light to reflect off of the walls, making space appear bigger.

  2. The only way is up

    If you don’t have much closet space, look around and find good spots to hang some shelves. As high as possible, this will give the illusion of a tall ceiling.

  3.  Multi-tasking

    Try to buy furniture that serves multiple purposes. There are lots of couches or beds available that have storage space inside.

  4.  Declutter

    Always a good idea, but a must in a small apartment. The more things you have lying around, the more claustrophobic it can make you feel.

  5.  Accessorize like royalty

    When it comes to paintings, rugs or plants you can go big and stay home. This will give your apartment more of a luxury feel. Choose wisely and go for a few bigger pieces rather than lots of small ones. This can make the apartment feel cluttered.

  6.  Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can really make a big difference. Not only do mirrors reflect light, they can also add an extra dimension to the room and make it feel a lot bigger.


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make the most of a small apartment

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