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Who are your buyers?

Often you can tell a lot about who someone is by looking at his home. Because what makes people buy just that one house? Some facts are logical. Parents find it more than 33% more important to live close to a school than non-parents. But did you know for example that Taylor Swift fans consider an extra bedroom to be 9.8% more important than Kanye West fans?

In general, women care more about a garden or balcony and find it more important that it is a safe neighborhood. Men generally prefer to live more central and closer to work. Men often see a bit more of a challenge and find it less of a problem to buy a home that requires something else to happen. Women often prefer a ready-to-move-in.
Parents think it is important that a garden has been completed. Non-parents are often hard negotiators. People with an iPhone would like to have a complete kitchen. Android users often live a bit more on the outskirts of the city.

Families with children are more likely to have a dog and would like to live in larger properties than people with a cat. A dog’s owner often gives a bit of consideration to the view of the house.
Night people prefer to live more centrally and care less about a garden or balcony than early birds.

These are of course a few fun facts, but it can certainly be useful to know where you are going to find your buyer. Expat Property Brokers is constantly aware of trends of starters, families, single people and the elderly. That’s how we find the best match!

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