Please be aware, Ministry of justice telephonic BSN number scam.

BSN scam alert

“This call is to inform you that legal action is being taken on your BSN number. Send your BSN number to…”

‘National Police’

“The callers often pretend to be from the National Police or the Dutch Supreme Court,” a spokesperson said. Victims usually hear an English recorded tape. “

What is said varies. Sometimes they say, for example, that your social security number is being misused, or that you have an arrest warrant against you.”

Then you are asked to enter a number, after which the victim is put through to a so-called agent. It asks for more information, or to transfer money. 

What do they want with that data?

“This kind of sensitive private data is misused for identity fraud, but can also be used to make a scam even more credible. If the person on the phone knows your social security number or IBAN, you may be more likely to think: this is someone from the police or the bank. .”

What should you do if you receive such a call?

“If you get a scam call like this, it’s best to just hang up.

If the person on the phone says he or she is really from the bank or the police, then you ask for a name and that you call the organization back

But in general, this important rule applies: a bank, the police or any other government organization will never ask you for payment details, nor let anyone install software on their computer or phone.”

Source - RTL Niews