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Quality partnerships are one of the cornerstones of a successful business. We are proud to introduce our valued clients to the exceptional business we have aligned ourselves with to ensure the process of buying/selling or renting your properties is as stress-free as possible. We only recommend service providers where we know our clients have had great success with their service and or where we have had successful dealings with the said providers.


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Hypothekers Team

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My name is GertJan Zuierveld, founder and owner of Hypothekers Team. I am officially registrated as a financial professional (EFA) concerning mortgages, loans, insurances and capital by our Dutch financial authority.

My history in the financial business has started as a self employed financial franchiser in Amsterdam and environment since 2000 being part of a big national franchisecompany, wherupon I have started my personal financial office in 2012, based on all experiences and knowlegde and lots of satisfied clients who are still making use of our expertise.

Our clients
Individually as well as a team, we are very experienced in financial advice and mediation for people from all over the world buying property (private or commercial) in the Netherlands, because we got a lot of clients in popular cities en environment like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Rotterdam.

The way we work is being 100% independable of any provider, we represent all of them, which means that we compare them always and easily. But based on their conditions and acceptance, we always focus on where you can get the best deal succesfully.

All extra service we provide our clients covers recommandations for a notary, constructor, translator, valuer, technical survey, which is always profitable for our clients, because of spending less costs, being efficient and flexible.

We are able to offer our expertise very competative, based on the rules of the financial authority.

Expat Property Brokers
Last but not least, we are working very close together with Expat Property Brokers, which means the whole procedure from the beginning till finishing and becoming owner by notary, is going very smoothly.

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