The Netherlands is rated as one of the top ten best countries to live in worldwide.

It offers a superb quality of life and is ranked amongst the top countries for your children with regards to schooling and studying. It is never easy moving to a new country. We know the struggles and obstacles you go through.

It is a huge benefit to have someone guiding you through the process and assisting in getting you settled into your new home. We do take care of all of your admin, so you can relax and enjoy all that The Netherlands has to offer.

From the first moment

We are there for all of your questions before you make the big move. Feel free to Skype, email or WhatsApp us.

Pesky Paperwork

We will assist with the IND, Gemeente Registration, GGD and the TB testing, assist with opening a bank account and setting up your insurance.

The first hours

We will pick you up from the airport, provide a Dutch telephone number and help you pick up a (rental) car.

Finding a home

We can assist in finding a (temporary) living space for you, find the connection of GWL and internet suppliers, recommend doctors and dentists in the neighbourhood.