Selling your home during the holidays.

The sale of your home during the holidays.

At this time of the year, we are all very busy. Perhaps not the most ideal time to sell, but certainly not impossible. With these tips, you make things easier.


In the dark days, many households ensure that their home looks cozy. Potential buyers also love the warm atmosphere. So put down Christmas decoration, but keep it subtle. A Christmas tree takes up a lot of space. Perhaps consider a small version.

Give A Party Once

Maybe you already planned it, but now it’s a good idea to give a New Year’s drink. Let everyone know that you want to sell your home. Who knows, there might just be someone you know who is interested or knows someone who might just be interested.

Bake Christmas cookies

It is a familiar tip. Bake before your viewings to fill your home with the dishes smell of cake or cookies. Nothing gives people a more homely feeling than the smell of freshly baked candy.

Play On The Weather

Dark, gray, cold and rain? Make sure that it is nice and warm inside, that there is something to drink for the viewers and that some candles are burning. That way it will be a welcoming visit (remember to put something down to ensure their feet can be dry before walking through your home) welcoming.

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