What Documents you’ll need when searching for a rental property in the Netherlands

If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, it’s a good idea to know what the standard documents are that you’ll be asked for when applying for a rental property (or to just be considered for a viewing).

It’s important to gather these documents as quickly as possible. Properties go extremely quickly in the Netherlands and making sure that you have all your information and documents sent through to the rental agents as quickly as possible means a better chance of your application being accepted.

Because of the housing shortage, owners have a lot of power in choosing their tenants so it’s also important to use this opportunity to sell yourself as the best possible tenant. Being able to provide all the needed information, and more, all in one go makes you stand out as a serious candidate for consideration.

Photo by Bart Ros from Pexels
Photo by Bart Ros from Pexels

 Documents needed

• Employment contract in NL 

Few rental agencies will accept offers from clients that don’t have a working contract either from an employer in NL or from an employer abroad which allows you to work remotely. There have been quite a few cases where we have been able to come to arrangements with owners and agents, but this does mean that you’re working with a smaller pool of properties to choose from.

• Werkgeversveklaring – this you can ask from the HR department  

If you do have a work contract with an employer here in the Netherlands then you can ask their HR department for a werkgeversverklaring, or employer statement. This is just a one-page summary of your work contract and is often requested by rental agents as it’s easy for them to go through quickly and highlights all the most important information for them.

• 3 months’ salary slips

If you’re working for a new company in the Netherlands and haven’t started yet, you don’t need to worry about providing the salary slips. We can explain the situation in the application. If you do have these salary slips (not necessarily as far back as 3 months) it’s always good to include these and it’s often requested.

• 3 months bank statements 

This is important for the rental agents to check your financial stability. If you don’t have a Dutch bank account yet, that’s not a problem: you can send the bank statements from your local bank for the last 3 months. Please just make sure that your name, date, currency and closing amounts are clear on the statements.

• If currently renting a reference from your landlords 

This isn’t always required but it’s a really nice touch to help you sell yourself as the best possible candidate for the owners to choose as their new tenant. If you owned your house then a reference letter from neighbours is helpful as well.

• Copies of your passports 

This they need to confirm your identity and draw up the contract.

• Letter of introduction 

Once again, this is a nice way to introduce yourself to the owner (who might never meet in person) and a way to put a face to your application. This is a short one-page intro to you /and your family and/or pets – who you are, what you do, your hobbies and interests, why the Netherlands, why you’ll be the best tenant, etc.

• Photo of you /and your family and/or pet

Same with the introduction letter it’s nice to show them in a picture who you are and lets your personality shine through. If you have pets it’s also great for owners to actually see what your dog/cat/etc looks like. 

Please note that you mostly won’t be (if ever) able to apply for a property without having conducted a viewing first. This means that if you’re still abroad, services like the rental search option we at Expat Property Brokers provide come in very handy as you could be heading straight to your new home directly from the airport! Convenient, right?

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Copywriter: Lerize Weatherhead

Date: 27/01/2022

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