Why to invest in the Dutch property market.

The rental market is extremely competitive and renting can be quite expensive. With buying property you will not only find that your monthly expenses will be lower, you will also benefit from tax breaks.

In the cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht, the square meter price is growing rapidly. Get in the market while you can, before you get left you behind. So even if you are just staying for a couple of years, you can expect a good return on investment!

As a foreigner, you are free to buy property in the Netherlands after you have lived in the country for six months (if finance is required. If not you can buy immediately). Whether your need is to build an investment portfolio or for your main residence. While being able to bring cash from overseas will help in the negotiation process, you can apply for a mortgage after just 6 months of working in the Netherlands. In 2018 you will still be able to get a mortgage for 100% of the property, but every year they will bring it down by 1%.

Expat Property Brokers is experienced in the working with local buyers and expats with purchasing their new home. Our aankoop services are structured to ensure the very best outcome for you and your family. We help you with the whole process, clearly communicating and understanding your needs and ensuring your requirements are kept at the forefront at all times. If a property investment is of interest to you or if you just want to understand what your options are, let’s chat over a cup of coffee.

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